Saturday, July 28, 2007

Freshly-Salted Cucumbers

my grandmother's recipe

For the brine:

- For each 1 liter of water, take 1.75 tablespoons of salt.
- Boil the water, add the salt and let it cool completely.

For the jar:

- Put some currant leaves, dill heads, garlic cloves, horseradish root on the bottom of the jar.
- Put the cucumbers very close to each other.
- Put another layer of currant leaves, dill heads, garlic cloves and horseradish.
- Repeat until there is no more space in the jar, always finish with the leaves.
- Pour the cooled brine on top of the cucumbers.
- Put the jar onto a plate (the brine might bubble out of the jar in the next couple of days), loosely cover the top with some muslin to keep the dust away.
- Let stand for about 48 hours, then put it into the fridge.
- It is going to keep for 1-2 weeks.

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Rudy Colipapa Kintanar said...

I will try it out today. I live in the Philippines.